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Thankful Thursday XXVII – Health

A few days ago, I threw my back out. I think a 12-pack of pop was the culprit. Of course, it’s not the weight, it was some tiny mistake I made in moving to pick it up, twisting in just the right way to make standing back up difficult and ouch-filled. By now, it’s just a dull ache as I sit here typing and sniffling a bit from allergies. If it sounds like I’m complaining, I don’t mean to be. Actually it just leads me to my topic – this Thankful Thursday I’m thankful for good health.

Literally. I mean, I count myself lucky. As someone now over half a century old, if occasional back pains and sneezing bouts are all I really have to be bothered by, I am entirely lucky. By now, I’m at the age where I’ve had friends I went to school with pass away from horrible ailments. I see people who look somewhere around my age hobbling through stores lugging oxygen tanks they need to breathe. Each week now, I’m driving an older brother-in-law to doctor’s appointments to try and remedy some weird illness that caused him to basically lose the ability to stand or walk for a year or more. (Now he can do both, but is needing a walker to go more than a few feet.) Some people in my household have diabetes; others, chronic knee pain. Not to mention my dear dad who passed away this year from a heart attack, months after his wife died from a myriad of problems tied to diabetes but best described as β€œold age.” And of course, the elephant in the room, this awful new disease inflicted upon the world last year that’s killed more people in this country than the entire population of Memphis or Miami. I’ll take an occasional feeling of a jolt of electricity when I pick up a package wrong or a bit of a runny nose until the allergy pill kicks in any day. With good grace.

I try to make a point to walk; I could still do more. I try to eat fairly healthy foods; I could eat more fruit and a sandwich or two less. But I never take being healthy for granted. Money, toys, respect… all fine things. But they don’t mean much at all if you don’t have your health. If you’re feeling good today, say ‘thank you’ to God, Mother Nature, karma or whomever you choose and keep a bounce in your step.

15 Replies to “Thankful Thursday XXVII – Health”

  1. Yipes, sorry you threw your back out. All things considered, you’re right, it’s small compared to what else is out there. I’m also extremely thankful to have excellent health. I’m overweight and at this point its biggest side effect is to drain my energy and decrease stamina. As time goes on, the effects of it will be worse, but at this point finding it very difficult to overcome my eating disorder 😦

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    1. Baby steps, Lisa, that’s my philosophy. My sweetie & most of her family are…not svelte let’s say & working at home hasn’t helped. I prob put on 10 pounds in last year, which I’m not happy about but most of my life I’ve been ‘Skinny Guy’ so it’s not a huge problem. But I need to get back to walking more.

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  2. I’m thrown my back out walking off a curve and sleeping in bed…yea sleeping the wrong way. I don’t think any of us really appreciate it until we are down for some reason. I’m trying to eat better and just drink water.

    During covid I gained 25 lbs…they have to go… I’m working on that now. I started to appreciate my health after the Kidney stones I went through. Being down a week hurting, nauseated, and sleepy will do that to you.

    Getting older does suck though…knowing what we could do earlier…right now it’s not too bad but I’m sure its going to get worse. We better appreciate life when we can.

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    1. Kidney stones do sound like a nightmare…again I repeat I feel lucky. There’s a treadmill here, quite dusty…I use it about once a week but only 10 min. at most. Goal is to do that every other day at least…until ‘feels like’ temps drop below 100 & walking outside gets more comfortable

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      1. yeah, that’s not much fun! Might give some thought to buying bikes next year, but same thing – by mid-summer, it’s just too hot to use them for the most part.

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      2. At our last house, I often cut the lawn in that kind of heat. It was a good workout, but it was the only time I’d drink Gatorade…. I’d probably drink most of one of those large bottles in a couple of gulps when I came in…then hit the shower.

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      3. Yes speaking of that…we have to mow this weekend. It’s going to be cooler this week and only 90 today…the eighties the rest of the week.

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      4. yesterday we had a pretty big thunderstorm go through mid-day, gave us 2″ of rain, which was beneficial and kept temp to about 86 for a high. Amazing that we’ve not had any 100 degree days this summer, but plenty of (seasonal) 95-98 ones. Which are plenty hot especially when air is humid and mildly smoggy (or maybe smoky from those western fires)

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      5. We had that rain and it’s great…I hope it keeps coming…it’s keeping the temps down. Right now it’s 75 and usually at this time it’s in the high 80s.

        The hottest day for us came in July… it was around 97 with a “feel like” 111 outside because of the humidity. You could barely walk outside.

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      6. Hate to admit it…hate to…maybe it’s my age now but not liking it like I did when I was younger. In Canada, I- weather nerd keep in mind- experieced two 100 degree+ days. Thought that was so ‘cool’ ( not literally) and so looked forward to our few 90-95 days every summer. Now, it’s starting to wear me down…especially go out at sunrise and it’s 86 already!

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      7. Yea when I was a kid it didn’t bother me. I remember playing baseball and them giving us salt pills to take during this weather but I didn’t think anything about it…now I don’t like walking to my car in it lol.


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