Yetis And Life’s Other Little Mysteries

About a decade back, I briefly wrote a few blogs entitled “Things I Don’t Get.” Life’s little mysteries. Things like people’s fascination with zombies. Or their fascination with the Kardashians. “One day last month,” I wrote about the latter, “while in line I counted (Kim Kardashian’s) pouty mug on seven magazines (by the cashier)…the one proclaiming ‘Kardashian World!’ did make me think the retailer genius for also putting Tylenol at the check-out for subsequent impulse buys.” I was a bit snarky ten years ago apparently. Little mysteries. Of course, big mysteries always interested me too. UFOs. That missing Malaysian jet. And Bigfoot.

On the one hand, it would seem like if there were giant ape-man sasquatches out there in our dense forests, some gun-loving settler would have shot one and had it in their den by now, or a tractor trailer doing 80 would have hit one. I mean, dozens of people get run down by cars, can Bigfoots be that much smarter than us? But on the other hand, there are so many convincing reports of them, most from the pre-internet era. One doesn’t imagine Natives of coastal B.C. would have had much chance to talk to and share oral stories with the ones in the Appalachians, yet both have similar Bigfoot-like creatures in their histories.

I thought of those pieces not long ago when driving behind a big pick-up. Of course, in the decade since, there’ve been no shortage of things I don’t get. People falling off cliffs playing “Pokemon”. About half the politicians elected across the globe. Ice coffee. The Simpsons still being made about fifteen years after anybody I know stopped watching. And Yeti stickers.

This Dodge truck was shiny and of behemoth proportions, looking more or less straight from the factory…except for the Yeti sticker in its back window. Now as odd as this was, what is odder is that I see all kinds of vehicles around with those stickers. At first when I encountered one I was hoping it might signify the car was being driven by a Bigfoot. You know, some people put Italian flags on their window to signify their origin, maybe this driver was doing the same. Certainly his fast acceleration and lane-changes without benefit of turn signals suggested that could be the case. Humans on the road should be able to drive better than that. But sadly as they turned off, I could see an ordinary driver of adult human proportions and child-like lack of motor skills. Subsequent encounters with Yeti-stickered cars, trucks and vans alike have shown similar lack of content that would interest crypto-zoologists.

I’ve never been one to want to decorate a vehicle with lots of “bumper stickers”, be they on the bumper, window or any other part. I’ve seen too many people working too hard on scraping off “Wassup” stickers that didn’t seem quite as hilarious anymore or “I HEART Bill Cosby” ones which unintentionally did. Besides, I figure if someone wants to know me, let them talk to me. But I usually can understand the rationale for most stickers. A car with Texas plates but Acadia National Park and Everglades stickers; probably a person who likes to travel and nature. “My kid is a honor student at Washington Pre-school and Kindergarten”; proud and possibly delusional parent. A brother-in-law served in the military and has small but proud Marine logo stickers on his. I get that. And of course, I might assume quite different things about someone in a Prius with a “Bernie!” sticker than someone in a Ford F-150 with “Trump 2020” proudly emblazoned on the window. They at least tell us something about the people in that auto. But a Yeti?

This I don’t get. For those unfamiliar, Yeti, besides being the Asian name for a Bigfoot which may or may not exist, is the brand name of a popular line of travel mugs. They are usually metal, and by all reports very good. A cold drink stays cold in them, a hot one, hot. But why advertise them on your car?

The logo itself isn’t interesting. There’s no clever little sasquatch worked in, nor any bright colors. Just the word in big, bold white font. At least, Apple, say by comparison has a colorful interesting, almost decorative logo. And saying you’re an Apple fan perhaps exudes an air of “cooldom” or “superiority”. Hard to imagine the same is true of someone based on their choice of what to put their morning commute coffee in. After all, the cups and mugs start at about $20…expensive for a travel mug but well within almost anybody’s budget. It’s fair to say that if you can afford a car and the gas for it, you can put together the cash for a Yeti mug should you want to. So that can’t be it. If prestige is what they’re going for, one might as well put a Coca-cola logo on there instead to signify you will pay that extra dollar a case for what’s inside your Yeti. No Walmart-brand cola for me, it would scream to the masses!

Maybe one day people will yawn and ask “Who?” when somebody starts talking about a Kardashian. Maybe someday those TV explorers will actually find a bigfoot out for a stroll instead of just hearing mysterious growls in the forest or seeing bark oddly ripped off tall trees. Maybe one day we’ll know where those other socks go in the washing machine. And maybe one day someone will explain why they want to put a $4 sticker for a $20 item on their car. Then again, maybe some things we just were never meant to know.

9 Replies to “Yetis And Life’s Other Little Mysteries”

  1. The Kardashians I just don’t get. They seem like elitist’s snobs and they are not that attractive…I see prettier women walking the streets of Nashville and my small town.

    Bumper stickers…the oddest one…or two I saw was last year. On the bumper the driver side said Trump…the passenger side there was a Biden sticker. Cats and Dogs…Dodger and Giants fans living with each other I guess.

    Bigfoot…I wanna believe so bad. Who wouldn’t want to meet a bigfoot and his/her family? I mean come on. Yeti…

    Yes I have a Yeti mug that a vendor gave me and thought for that reason I would buy his 10,000 product.

    Great post Dave

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    1. thank you! Yeah – Kardashians, that seems like a female thing. I don’t know many guys who find any of them stunning nor interesting. Like you say, you can see some nicer-looking women any day in your local mall or supermarket, and they’d likely as often as not be more interesting to talk to.
      Trump/Biden car eh? That’d be some kind of household! Puts me in mind of a house I saw in Sports Illustrated (I think it was an ad for paint, but could be wrong) that was painted one side red and white, other side orange and blue, with big Alabama and Auburn logos on their respective side.
      I am fascinated with the Bigfoot story, have read books on it. I lean towards believing it, but am not 100% sure. To me, the best evidence is so many pioneers and settlers in far flung places who have similar encounters who one would imagine never would have known of the others.

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      1. I know a few guys who think Kim is just beautiful…I don’t get it. Also not just her looks…people’s actions can make them ugly. I knew a girl in our marketing department who was stunning…but she was a snob and just mean…from then on all I saw was ugly…all of her attractiveness went away.

        I’ve seen some Tennessee Vols and Florida Gators households and that is odd.

        Yes the Bigfoot story is something that just will not die. Where there is smoke…I think there might have been something to them also. As far as aliens…yea…no way we are the only ones.

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      2. I firmly believe there is intelligent life out there and that the American and British (and probably other) governments know a lot more than they tell us … though I also doubt there’s one super top secret file cabinet with all the details. The latest report issued last month might be sincere in that the ones investigating may well not be privy at all to records of what really happened in roswell, for example. To me, I think it is actually far less threatening to think these now-admitted UFOs are from some extra-terrestrial life than Chinese or Russian tech. We don’t know what the “aliens” would want, but they’ve been here – if that is the truth – for over 70 years and haven’t done any big harm. It’s more scary to think that a foreign adversary could have stuff like that and be so wildly far ahead of us scientifically.

        Yep, we’ve all met girls like those… our friends the Northern Pikes said it about right:

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      3. Yea it has to be more than just us out there I do agree. Roswell…again that old phrase….where there is smoke…
        They would have to be ahead of us to a point I guess…because if they are here….they had to get here…something we can’t do…at least travel that far.

        It’s fun to think about and I’m sure the public will find out one day…I’m not sure about in our lifetime though.

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      4. it is one of those big mysteries. I sometimes think that the government is trying to slowly acclimatize the public to announcing “We’re not alone”… finding evidence of water on Mars, I think finding life (in very microbal amoeba-like form) in samples brought back from space, admitting some of the military videos of UFOs/UAP are legitimate… baby steps to see how the public reacts?

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      5. Personally I don’t see how there is no other species out there…we are still finding things in the ocean we knew nothing about.
        You could be very well right about the government…it makes sense.

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      6. that’s part of the reason for why I believe it… you look up at a night sky in a rural area, you see what – tens of thousands of stars maybe. Pull out binoculars and you see quite a few more tiny ones. And that’s only a fraction of what’s out there. You just try to do the math and figure even if every 10th, or 20th one has planets around it like our sun does, that hundreds of thousands, probably millions of planets. Some must be hospitable to life, and I also figure, things live at the bottom of the ocean here, things survive in the Himalayas with little oxygen… a planet that might not be suitable for us could still have life adapted to its own conditions. Odds of us being all alone seem to far outnumber the odds that we aren’t.

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      7. What is the stat? There are more different stars and planets than sand on the beach? Something like that.

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