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Thankful Thursday XX – Lovin’ The Time Of No Cholera

The trying last year or so has done one thing for most of us – made us a lot more aware of cleanliness, the need for handwashing and so on. It puts me in mind of something I covered in my book Thank Goodness – 101 Things To Be Grateful For Today. This Thankful Thursday, I’m thankful for living in an age of good hygiene.

It’s such an obvious one it sometimes slips our minds. One doesn’t have to look far to find stories of Medieval times or the early Industrial Age that make it all too clear what life was like without indoor plumbing. No toilets, no hot water to wash with, sewage running down the streets…besides the stink, which must’ve been horrendous, it’s easy to see how this lack of basic hygiene could cause mass die-offs from now largely-forgotten illnesses.

Clean streets and no worries of dysentery or cholera – something to give thanks for every time we visit the restroom!

9 Replies to “Thankful Thursday XX – Lovin’ The Time Of No Cholera”

  1. “Bring Out Your Dead” that is what you described reminds me of…Monty Python nailed it on that. I still have hand sanitizer with me constantly…that stuck with me. All day long without thinking I apply it and end up with clean but dry hands…but that is alright.
    Great post Dave.

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    1. “I’m not dead yet!” Mildly surprising no one picked any Monty Python in Hans’ movie event. I loved Holy Grail and Life of Brian as a kid… I still think ‘Brian’ holds up well, the ‘holy grail’ not so well but for sure has some funny bits.
      Not big on hand sanitizers but has to be a good thing people are using them more… I know I wash my hands a lot more, and more thouroughly now than I did two years back. Certainly Covid’s been a beyond-horrible thing for our society, but it may make us focus more on health and cleanliness down the road which at least would be a tiny silver lining.

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      1. It is hard to believe no one picked one…including me!
        I love the smell of sanitizers and I’ve been kidded about it. I used them before but since I always keep some with me after I use gas pumps and other things. That is the silver lining….the bad part…apart from the obvious…is the Howard Hughes affect it may have had on some people.

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      2. ooh yeah, gas pumps I’m not crazy about. We usually have a baggie of those thin plastic gloves in the car and I will usually put one of those on before using them, since both the keypad and the trigger (?) get used so much. Same with touchscreen checkouts like Walmart.

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      3. I do have some plastic gloves also… those really thin ones.
        I didn’t before to show your point about the after affects of COVID.

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      4. I think there’s a good chance I’ll be wearing masks if I need to go into a crowded store next winter even if Covid has finally disappeared… not getting colds and the flu is quite good too.

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      5. Yes I would do that also….but remember before covid would they allow masks? Will they now afterward? Here anyway no one was able to wear any kind of mask in a store…but I’m sure now people are used to it.

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      6. good point, but I expect it might become a new normal. People at first worried it would lead to an increase in robberies, but that didn’t really happen. At my bank, at first you were supposed to take off your mask at the counter so they could see you fully and match the security pic they have on file, but after a few months they stopped telling people to do that.

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      7. It might very well become normal. I wasn’t sure if they would revert back once it’s over. It might be up to the individual store.

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