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Thankful Thursday XV – This Community

This Thankful Thursday, I’m thankful for you! And WordPress, creator of this terrific forum we have here to share thoughts and writings. It’s led me to a host of new wonderful people, showed me interesting columns almost daily and has let my ponderings find an audience too, with strangers and ones who’ve gone from strangers to friends.

It’s a cliche to state that the internet has changed everything in our lives, but it’s true as well. There are downsides, goodness knows – ask anyone in the brick-and-mortar retail world or the recorded music biz for starters – but it certainly has expanded our possibilities in ways we wouldn’t have dreamed possible three decades back. I would have never guessed I’d be able to find several hundred people in places as far flung as California, New Zealand, northern Ontario, England, all of whom would share my interests in pop music, or baseball, or book reviews or any number of other topics, but that’s exactly what has happened . It means a lot so many of you out there take time to read my musings and often comment as well. Likewise, I’ve not only made friends but learned a great deal about those topics from the writings of many of you readers. It’s something we take for granted now, but if we cast our memories back a bit, any of us might have been a voice in the wilderness or the annoying one at the office who won’t shut up about their current earworm or their thoughts on what their baseball team should be doing to win more; the type the others quickly duck around the corner when they see us coming. Thanks WordPress for keeping me from that!

So a simple one today, but a meaningful one. A community of like-minded people, writers and readers, brought together by this space. Speaking of which – what are you thankful for this Thursday? Comment below, or if you have a more extensive thought, let me know and I’ll get you an e-mail address if you’d care to have your thoughts shared here in the coming weeks.

13 Replies to “Thankful Thursday XV – This Community”

  1. Dave, I share your appreciation for WordPress. It was just by chance back in 2017, when I asked my younger son about a good web-hosting place for a task force I was a part of when I was working. He said WordPress. I’d been a part of online communities before, but this bumps it up to a whole other level. To have your own space to speak your mind and share whatever images, music, creative writing and at the same time link with others doing the same gives me warm fuzzy feeling of acceptance, mutual admiration with others and comradarie with genuinely decent people. There are few to no trolls here and what blessing it is!

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    1. Lisa that surprises me the most…hardly any trolls. I haven’t had many bad experiences at all. I’ve had people to say “I hate that” and that is fine! I haven’t had many jerks which to me it’s unbelievable.
      This is the only place I reside socially…I don’t do Facebook really at all…just really cool people.

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      1. true that, it’s a blessing there is so little negativity … big contrast to Twitter ; FB I am not on much anymore – used to be a daily person there, but found a lot of negative crap from people I barely knew and really figured it was quite a waste of time, though it has its place and uses… I was touched how many people responded to a post about my dad passing away, how many people I’m not “friends” with on there found me and sent messages. But I don’t need to see what “John doe” had for a mid-morning snack and “Betty Blowhard” has still yet to change one person’s political bent with daily rants about how much she hates a politician…

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      2. Oh the political stuff I really hate. I wrote on my facebook tag…”Beatles and Power Pop fan…I HATE politics and Political Correctness.”
        So far no one has said a word.

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    2. Absolutely. I used to write random blogs on MySpace maybe 12-14 years back and found a little following there, I was displeased when Facebook more or less took over and didn’t really offer a space for that. I had my own solo website for the music notes for about two years, but being that it wasn’t connected here or anywhere else of note, promoting it was difficult to say the least. Don’t know if I ever found more than ten readers… so this place not only saved me money but greatly expanded the range. And as you say, for the most part all good people and great connections.

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  2. And thank you Dave. I’m a Beatle fan but it’s hard talking about the Beatles at work…and they are probably the most popular band ever…but Badfinger, Raspberries, and Big Star? Forget about it…no one in real life knows that I meet on the street.

    It’s the same feeling here I get when I go see bands I like and meet same minded fans…everyone knows what you are talking about or are at least interested.

    The internet has made the world such a small place. My son is dating a German girl living in Germany!

    A good example of WordPress is…Lisa and you Dave…we live in 3 different states and I communicate with you two more than my co-workers and many of my “real life” friends.

    You mentioned New Zealand…I regularly talk to 3 people from there. I hardly knew about the place before WordPress.

    Thanks Dave.

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    1. My pleasure. It’s great to get to know people like you and the other regulars here , and as you say, there’s a lot more in common than most of those in our daily lives.
      Fingers crossed for Bailey still that the vaccine regulations will work out so he and that girl can meet in person this year!

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      1. You all are more part of my daily life than anyone not counting family.

        I sure hope so to for their sake. If not she is coming over at Christmas break.

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      2. Great! Do you know what the situation is like these days in Germany in terms of if Covid is still rampant or if they are getting largely vaccinated?

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      3. They are still getting vaccinated and it’s not like here where you just drive up… they were way more cautious than us… I do think it’s down

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      4. In most cases I would say that type of caution is advisable, given the limited testing of the various vaccines. But given the circumstances and the number of fatalities and serious health issues, I think the comparative lack of “due diligence” here is warranted.

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      5. Yes I agree totally Dave…sometimes you have to roll the dice when the odds are against you.


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