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Thankful Thursday V – Spring Is In The Air

I just got in after running any number of errands and getting the groceries done. I’m sweating. But that’s ok, because this Thursday I’m thankful for spring arriving.

Now if you want to get technical, spring doesn’t “arrive” until some time next week, based on the earth’s tilt and so on. But I’m a weather buff and a naturalist and meteorologists and ornothologists alike consider March 1 through May 31 “spring.” Enough for me to go with, even if it wasn’t 80 and tropically humid outside with the threat of tornadoes penciled in for the weekend. Which it is.

Spring was always a joy for me when I lived in Canada. Arguably summer was my favorite season but spring had a whole lot going for it, enough for it to create the weather equivalent of a “two-sided hit single” to me. Now, spring in Ontario can be a bit of a tease… I’ve seen snowstorms at Easter and fruit trees blossom before one last blast of Old Man Winter and his sub-zero temperatures blew back in. Not to mention that early spring can often be dreary, rainy and cool. Still, to me that beat drearier, snowy and colder. Spring always had its appeal because quite frankly, I don’t like winter. I don’t like being cold, I like lots of daylight and the emotional boost (not to mention Vitamin D) it gives me, I don’t like having to wear heavy coats and gloves. I don’t like seeing young women bundled like penguins in heavy coats and gloves…err, when I was single that is! What I do like is being comfortable outside and seeing the landscape awaken day by day…the grass getting greener, the trees leafing out, new birds arriving by the day, people crowding into garden centers with happy plans. And of course, baseball being back, which I looked at a few weeks ago.

Here in Texas, spring often creeps in almost unnoticed, mainly because winters often dress up like it. This year is a bit different of course, after the state saw record cold temperatures, eight to ten days straight sub-freezing temperatures and an ice storm that shut down stores and electric plants alike. Texans can welcome spring with the gusto of Canadians this year. I am!

Spring! Co-recipient of Dave’s “Best Season of the Year” award. How about you, friends? What’s your favorite season?

8 Replies to “Thankful Thursday V – Spring Is In The Air”

    1. LOL – hey, that’s human. It was a nice added bonus to the season for me too when I was a little younger and a lot more single… One difference I notice between the northern states/Canada and here in Texas is how much we celebrated the nice weather by shedding clothes and heading out up there, whereas here most people seem to be like “blah. It’s hot again” and don’t dress any differently, nor go out if they can avoid it. thanks for reading and commenting!

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  1. I think spring is coming here early this year…after the snow the weather has not dipped down again which is surprising.

    My favorite season is Fall. Why fall? Because of the humidity here when fall comes it is such a relief. It also reminds me of school…a good feeling of school. I love light jacket weather…it reminds me of hanging out with friends during school.

    Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons with spring being second to fall to me. I don’t like extremes and those both are usually right in the middle weather wise…but they don’t last long enough!

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    1. fair enough! What I miss here about the fall is the bright fall colors …of course some trees turn a bit yellow or orange here, but it can’t compare to Ontario or the Appalachians. But up there, I found most fall time to be dreary, somewhat unpleasant weather and a huge unwelcome influx of wasps (mostly yellow jackets) until it got cold for several days. Fall here is quite pleasant.

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      1. Yea I can see that about fall up there…it probably is really short. Here most of the trees turn…many people get depressed in fall.

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      2. hot indeed but not near as hot as it gets here! I actually found it fairly decent the summer I was there.. pretty consistent around 90 in days and 70 at night. But I did notice it was very still, unless a storm was coming. Not much wind, I didn’t like that too much.


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