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Thankful Thursday III – A Waxwing Moment

It’s Thankful Thursday again, and today like others is a good day to be thankful. I actually had a draft of today’s ready to go yesterday – and it may see the light of day later – but I had a nice little moment earlier today that I to replace it with.

While out running many errands – many boring errands – grocery shopping, filling up the car, driving a relative to work – I needed to drop off a package at a courier drop-off center in a big box store. I pulled into the parking lot, got a spot at the edge of the lot and found a whole flock of Cedar Waxwings flitting about in the trees right in front of my car. Waxwings are a bird that perhaps could earn the designation “charming”. Small, elegant looking little sparrow-sized birds with a crest like a cardinal and a mask like a Raccoon, and when you see them in the right light and angle, little bright patches of yellow and red. Little birds that have human-like traits of being highly gregarious (you seldom see one waxwing) and a slight tendency towards drunkenness. You see, waxwings like berries more than anything else, and if they’ve fermented on the tree… well, you get tipsy birds. Unlike humans though, the tipsy birds don’t seem to fly at each other or shoot one another.

Anyway, I opened the door of the car and expected them to take off, but instead, a few flew and others kept on looking for berries in the tree and hopping around not far from my feet. I snapped a few photos with my phone which is most definitely not high-def but captures the moment at least. As I did, with the birds flying around me, a car pulled over to the side of the road, window rolled down and a lady yelled out at me “what kind of birds are they?” I called back that they were called waxwings. “They’re adorable” she answered before driving on her way.

It was not a dazzling event, and I was walking into the building three or four minutes later to do the task I had come for. But it was a nice little moment. For a couple of minutes I was not thinking about the best route to avoid traffic to the next stop, money, or anything else other than enjoying the outdoors and the active little birds which were going on about their business of the day. The passerby who noticed and appreciated it encouraged me more.

And that is often the key to being in a good mindset. You don’t win the lottery, get promoted from sweeper to CEO or get to be on the cover of ‘Great People Of The World” magazine everyday. But if you look around you, you probably do get the special little fleeting moments no matter where you are. Learn to enjoy them and you’ll find the mundane becomes a lot more magical.

7 Replies to “Thankful Thursday III – A Waxwing Moment”

    1. it is! I might be a bit conceited in that, but it does seem a lot of animals seem to be fairly ok of having me nearby which would flee from most people…makes me feel good. And yes, it was nice little break… I was all like “man, this is tedious, I have better things I could be doing with the afternoon” and then that little two or three minutes changed my outlook on the rest of the day.

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      1. oh definitely…nice weather makes a difference. My sweetie couldn’t understand how excited I, or any other Canadian, was over a few warm days in spring. And realistically, I can see why when she’s lived almost her whole life somewhere where weeks like last week are an almost once-in-a-lifetime occurrence and it can quite easily be 75 in January…. up north, people go a little crazy the first couple of maybe 60-degree, sunny days in March (if we’re lucky, later on in April if not).

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      2. There are things that can really make your day…just little things. Your team winning, someone saying something nice to you, and many other small things that make up life. Most of the things…the one thread to all of them would be things you cannot control.

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