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Stimulus Cheques Aren’t The Only Thing That Will Be Out There

Fox Mulder must be grinning because, it seems, within six months the truth will be out there, to paraphrase The X-files skeptic.

Seems like it’s good not to tempt fate by suggesting “well 2021 can’t get any weirder than the one we just went through”. Because lost in the news static about the pandemic, the election passed and the one which was coming up (which is to say the Georgia senate) and all the other things, lost in almost 5600 pages of government snooze-talk was a little item which might just vindicate Mulder. And the real life champions of his TV cause. Because in those 5000+ pages of the Pandemic “Stimulus” bill designed to extend unemployment benefits and give taxpayers those beloved $600 cheques, there’s a directive to the Pentagon and “spy agencies” to spill the beans about aliens.

Nope, I’m not making that up. News agencies from Fox News to Yahoo all have confirmed there’s a bit in there telling the military and the “spy agencies” as well as the Director of National Intelligence to report within 180 days to Congress and the Armed Services. They are to basically tell them everything you wanted to know about UFOs but were afraid to ask. It should contain “detailed analysis of unidentified aerial phenomenon”, the current preferred term for “UFOs” or “little green men.” Apparently it managed to do what nothing else in the public forum these days did – namely have full “bipartisan support.” Wait – they can’t agree on the wording for relief payments to out of work people they both agree should happen, but they are all now A-OK with the story behind Roswell, the Phoenix lights and other things like that being revealed? 2021 can’t get any weirder? “Hold my beer,” the government says.

This perhaps should come as little surprise. In the past few years, the U.S. military has verified some videos taken by fighter pilots of UFOs deftly out-manueovring them, albeit still declaring them inexplicable. And already this year a senior Harvard professor put out a paper stating that our galaxy was visited by alien life recently when a large object at first thought to be a comet went for a fly-by and defied gravity by zooming at, then speeding away from the sun. The old “weather balloon” or “drunk hicks seeing swamp gas” explanations are wearing thin even for the types more like Mulder’s partner, Scully, denying anything’s out there to the moment she’s beamed into one of the spaceships.

Will it happen? Who knows? The government is great at few things, but stonewalling is one of them. And even if it does issue some sort of report, there’s no saying it will be made available for public consumption…. although its equally true that these days, if hundreds of politicians have access to the papers, one might expect at least one will leak them to a friendly media type.

Personally, I’ve been fascinated by the subject for a long time. I think a lot of “UFOs” are actually identifable – high altitude planes, military tests, shooting stars and what have you. I also think some are very impossible to explain any way other than mechanical devices controlled by intelligent life. Probably more intelligent than ours as humans. I figure when you go out in the country and look up at a clear night sky, and see those thousands of stars, each one might have planets circling around it, just like our sun, and for each one of those that we see, thousands more are beyond our eyesight or telescope range. It actually seems like some pretty big amount of hubris to think that we are the one and only lifeform out there.

Expect the unexpected. That might be the best bet if you are looking for a 2021 slogan. And, “the truth is out there.”

13 Replies to “Stimulus Cheques Aren’t The Only Thing That Will Be Out There”

  1. Don’t complain Dave…at least the idiots agreed on something! lol… On one hand it surprises me but on the other I’m not at all.

    It does seem like in as vast as the universe is…that yea it is possible.

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    1. maybe..just maybe… if they own up to it (“yes, it was an alien spacecraft that crashed in New Mexico in 1947, we recovered bits of it…” etc) there might be a few less conspiracy theories going on and people might believe that no Trump votes were shredded in Georgia and that no secret society run by Obama operates abusing kidnapped kids under a pizza shop in Washington). But that might be a lot to hope for…

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      1. Man there is a conspiracy theory to EVERYTHING….ever. I’m just not a conspiracy guy…well there are things that I do have questions about…and where there is smoke…there is fire…sometimes. The Kennedy thing…yea maybe… some I think there could be something.

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      2. I’m probably like that too… some I believe to some degree, others no way. I think there was definitely more to the Kennedy assassination, but I’m not sure what. It’s a stretch to tie it into Marilyn or the Mafia, but some are quick to do so. The problem is, it does seem obvious there is SOME coverup there, which leads to speculation as to what, and why. A bit more openness from the authorities might help.

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      3. Those files are sealed for I don’t know how many more years…what the hell could they contain that is so secret that has anything to do with now?

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      4. right? I mean even if it say implicated directly someone within the government, or a Hollywood powerful, chances are they’re long dead by now. Even if the culprits were in 20s at time, they’d be into 80s if alive, so what would be the harm of releasing it? the benefit could be noticeable, in making the government seem transparent in their dealings.

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      5. I read where Trump was going to try to actually release them but something happened…lol he said nope…people would have to wait.
        What the hell? It makes them look like they are hiding something.

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    1. they’ve confirmed life on Mars, I believe , if only bacterial. I guess there must be more planets with water and 60-80 degree F weather out there, and even if not, if we have critters in the Antarctic and under the sea, who’s to say life couldn’t adapt to a planet with say, a hydrogen atmosphere, or a 250-degree temperature?

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    1. I know what you mean… unless it was a day when you flip on the morning news and the story is “nothing much happened at all yesterday. Here’s a video of some goats instead.”

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