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Washington Could Learn How To Behave From The Beehive (State)

I’ve never been to Utah. Never much wanted to go either. It seemed to me to incorporate most of the bad traits of the American West and not so many of the good. Dry, shapeless arid desert land with the scorching summers of mid-Texas but snowy, cold winters of my homeland to the north. Arid miles broken only by one big lake …which is salty.A huge, mysterious military base conspiracy theorists say took over from “Area 51” when Nevada became too touristy. Besides a few scenic rock arches in the south of the state, not a lot to see and one mid-sized city notable for being the home of the Mormon Church. But maybe I owe the state an apology, because at least politically, it seems to be the shining light for the entire U.S.A.

I’m referring to newfound heroes Spencer Cox and Chris Peterson. Cox is the state’s Lieutenant Governor, Peterson a professor. Both are running for Governor this November. And both have done something revolutionary for the times – they have agreed to be civil, to respect one another and the public as well. They appeared in a couple of TV ads which quite unlike the typical political ad of the day, they smile and tell voters “we can disagree without hating each other.” It seems like it’s so obvious that it shouldn’t need to be said, but alas, this is 2020. So they are revolutionary, and to them I say “amen” and “bravo.”

The pair appeared today on the Today Show and told Savannah Guthrie, controversial host of last week’s discussion with Donald Trump, that they for the most part like each other and respect one another. Both said they would listen to the other on significant issues if elected.

“We can debate each other without degrading the other’s character,” Peterson, the Democrat says. If only the big boys in Washington could take note and do the same. “Our common values transcend our political differences.”

Cox, the Republican, said people “are hungry for decency” and “as our national dialogue continues to decline, my opponent and I decided to try something different. Let’s make Utah an example to the nation.” Both agree that the “peaceful transfer of power (is) integral to what it means to be American.”

Amen to them both for stating the obvious. Or what should be the obvious but in this day and age is not, even to the sitting President.

I don’t know what big issues in Utah state politics are this year and don’t have specifics on what either candidate suggest to rectify the problems. But I know if I was in Utah, I’d be reasonably confidant good solutions to the problems could be achieved and not be too worried whichever candidate won. Either seem like they have the decency and intelligence to make a good governor. Hell, why stop there. With their “radical” way of thinking, I daresay many Americans might not mind having either one in the White House.

Sad to have to say that saying civility and courtesy still matter. But the fact that a Republican and a Democratic opponent are saying so gives me hope for the future of the land.

5 Replies to “Washington Could Learn How To Behave From The Beehive (State)”

  1. I watched the 1960 debate between Nixon and Kennedy right before our WWE current one. Kennedy and Nixon had no lost love for each other but more than once they complimented each other’s ideas…they basically said…we want the same goals…we just have different ways of getting there.
    People need that now….like these are doing…I don’t think it will but I hope it spreads.

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    1. I don’t imagine it will take hold in a big way for awhile, but at least these two are getting noticed and appreciated. I mean, like you say, it should be simple – most everyone SHOULD be able to agree on basics , we want the chance to work, decent conditions, the “American dream” chance of succeeding if you work hard, education for our kids, an environment that won’t make us sick… how we get there of course, is open for debate but the basics Dems and Republicans should at least agree on, and they should see opponents generally want the same basic things but disagree on best roadmap to get there. But few do see that now

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      1. I think if you had more working together they would get noticed…if someone else tries it also and it keeps on…maybe just maybe it will happen.

        I think people will love this…only the competitors will hate it who dismiss the other party without thinking. It ‘s at least a good sign. You are right…we want the basic things.

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      2. Maybe it will catch on – perhaps that might be Trump’s lasting legacy (I doubt it but we can hope)…being so obnoxious he started a movement to bring back basic courtesy and decency in politics. I mean, in any other era, Biden would have seemed like a rude dolt, telling the president “shut up, man” and so on, but nowadays he’s seen as a role model for good behaviour!

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      3. I know…this might be the tipping point that people can look at and say later…what the hell were we thinking? I doubt it but I do hope. These two guys are getting that. I’ve sent this story to other people…It’s inspiring.


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