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Your Summer Reading List Just Grew… ‘Grace…fully living’ Now In Print

Finally something “novel” that’s not a corona virus!

Time out here to blow my own horn a little. My first novel is now available in limited quantities as a softcover book and you can be one of the very first to get it. A perfect light read for the poolside or wherever else you might be spending the holidays!

Order your limited edition copy of Grace…fully living now through Etsy. Under $10 for this year’s hottest, funniest and most hapless new rom-com heroine in print. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll feel good knowing your supporting independent artists like Dave.

Thank you and enjoy!

(PS- be watching for a new site soon featuring Grace…fully living discussions, pictures and more as well as other short stories and related pieces.)

18 Replies to “Your Summer Reading List Just Grew… ‘Grace…fully living’ Now In Print”

    1. No, man I know I’m not obligated but this is great man.

      Hey man…I can selfishly say…I know an author!
      I’m going to reblog tomorrow when I get more views during the day. Yea I’m not a salesman either.

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      1. thank you! I tell ya, e-books aren’t the same to read (at least not to me) nor to claim as your own. Give a sort of sense of accomplishment to see your product in print even if it’s only a certified New York Times Worst Seller!

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      2. It seems all it would take…now you should know I know NOTHING about this…is someone reviewing it somewhere that has some coverage.
        If you have a Kindle they are ok to read. What an accomplishment that is! Dude I admire what you have done and just keep writing.

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      3. thank you! Yes, that’s sort of the key for an unknown, I think… happening onto the right lucky reader who has clout either as a book critic or as a social media shaper, for lack of a better word.

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      4. It’s hard I know. I’m a songwriter but I cannot promote myself…like you said…marketing is not my thing. We need a publicist Dave!

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      5. I write both… The only reason I haven’t posted them is because my voice is crap…it’s a bar voice…good enough to get by in a bar but a recording exposes.
        I want to get our singer to place his vocals over mine and post a few.

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      6. That’ d be great to hear! I at one time wrote a few (rather banal I imagine) lyrics but could never grasp coming up with original melodies. Kudos to you!

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      7. If the melody is good you can get by with weaker lyrics. Some songs really don’t need Dylan lyrics but you want them to be good. I’ll unveil them one day when I get a decent singer on it….A man must know his limitations as Clint E said…and my voice is mine!

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      8. well there are some pretty poor singers who’ve made decent enough records, but it’s good to understand one’s limits like you say. mike Rutherford of Genesis knew that too, I think he said just about exactly what you did when he formed Mike + the Mechanics, basically “I can write good songs, I play guitar well but I can’t sing worth squat” more or less.

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      9. LOL…just being honest! I’ve heard worse than mine but I can’t stand hearing my own voice…I just cringe.


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