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May Hooray 2

Another silver lining of the pandemic, if there is such a possibility, is that it’s giving us extra time to watch old favorite TV shows, or perhaps find new favorites. Every evening not spent shopping could mean three or four episodes of a New Classic! Now while I don’t want to suggest everyone become couch potatoes and do want to remind you it IS OK to get outside and move around a bit, as long as we’re not in crowds, sometimes a bit of time with good “friends” on screen can be a boost.

For me, this spring I’ve discovered two new series that have appealed to me. Both reflect my love of romcom films like When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail.

The first is the familiarly-titled Four Weddings and a Funeral. The title itself was taken from a popular British 1994 movie starring Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell and follows them and their on-again, off-again trans-Atlantic love affair as they attend mutual friends’ weddings and funerals. The TV version was a 2019 remake of sorts from Mindy Kaling. The 10-episode miniseries delivered on Hulu borrows the name and the overall gist of the movie, but isn’t simply the same story with new characters, lest you wonder. This confused me a little at first, but once I accepted this was a new story and took it for what it was, it worked.

Like the movie, the show follows a romance between an American woman, Maya, and a British guy, Kash and how they interact through mutual friends in London. The film borrows readily and blatantly from famous scenes in romcom movies like Love, Actually and Notting Hill and while a little long-winded, a little heavy-handed in its handling of gay characters and overly PC at times, it still has its charms. By the end you’re cheering for the leads and their romance.

The other new show I’ve fallen for is a current network offering… and that’s not something that happens every year for me anymore. NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is a romdram, if you will. Part romance, part drama and an exuberant return to Hollywood musicals of the past. Rather a new, grown-up version of Glee, in the early years of that show before it jumped the shark and took Jane Lynch with it, casting her essentially as Lucifer and forcing the writers to turn themselves inside out finding convoluted reasons to have the group of university types keep coming back from across the country to hang out at their old high school.

Zoey is a nerdy millennial gal who works in a trendy software company and has to deal with office rivalries, family stresses and isn’t sure which way to turn when confronted with two decent but flawed suitors. Oh, and through a freaky MRI incident, she’s blessed with the ability to at times hear what others around her are thinking… in song. So the story line gets driven by big musical numbers of songs ranging from “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” by REM to Billy Joel’s “Lullabye” to  The Beatles “Help,”  Tears for Fears “Mad World,” and a rather somber take on “American Pie.”

It’s an entirely odd concept but it works better than it should, thanks in large part to solid writing and the charisma of Jane Levy as Zoey. Season one wrapped us this past weekend and probably singly increased the demand for Kleenex by about 50%.

If you like romance stories or comedies with a bit of a dark underbelly, both shows might work for you. If it’s not your thing, that’s fine too… don’t be afraid to take a bit of the time this pandemic is keeping you from being out in groups from looking for new faves of your own… but don’t forget to take time to keep on top of the real romances in your own life be they at home or far away!

7 Replies to “May Hooray 2”

  1. My back went out last week so I HAVE been a potato but I’m going to start walking again today.
    I do need to give modern shows a try…it’s been a constant 1975 here lol. I have read about Zoey and it does look good.

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    1. Oh, drag! But if it has to happen, a good time for it. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I’ve had that happen a few times… I’m not a huge guy but I can lift more than most would think. My problem is when I try to lift something wrong- you know, lean over a box to grab a 35 pound box behind it and try to lift it straight up type thing. Not good!
      Very few regular network shows appeal to me these days, which makes ‘Zoey’s” special. I miss watching ’emergency’, from that ’75 era … it’s on here on one of the over-the-air oldies stations in the morning, but I can’t really have the TV on while lovie is on the phone for work. We do have a tiny tv in kitchen I guess I could view it on, but I don’t feel like standing in the kitchen for an hour to do so. A lot of those 1970s shows are like comfort food to people of our generation.

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      1. Yep! Its the way you lift more than what you lift. Around twice a year this happens…and yes it sucks. I usually do it sleeping in bed. Wake up the wrong way.
        I’ll take a look at Zoey. I have at least 8-10 TBs of tv shows and movies…remember I’m in IT and we share and share alike. I’m lucky…I have most of those shows at my fingertips. I stream them from my computer to my tv through a playstation. No dvds or anything…just scroll and click.

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      2. We use over the air antennas for networks & other related like MeTv and spanish stations, then Netflix & Hulu, kiddo has that Disney service too . We had Sling for awhile but gave that up, I miss a few channels but we were paying something like $39 a month & not using it much…for awhile all those things added up to same as we used to pay for cable with DVR. And we have fair number of dvds…so lots of choice. Some days deciding what is the problem!

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      3. Yes deciding is the hard part with us. We are switching to a firestick soon.
        I pretty much have MeTV…or MaxTV…same thing lol.
        We are dropping cable soon…and only keeping our internet connection.

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      4. That’s what we use now, a Firestick. Seems pretty good. we had Roku before but found it was spotty – either the internet was too slow much of time or the device itself a little lacking, but it cut out frequently and res-started itself.

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