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May Hooray 1

May is a cheery month, I think. Or at least it should be one. It’s bright, the weather’s getting nice, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, baseball is a quarter-way through the schedule and getting interesting (well, most years!), we’re able to shed our winter clothes. If you’re a student, the end of the school year is almost upon you and if you’re at work, we’re getting to the time of long weekends and summer holidays. May should be a fine month which uplifts us all.

Of course, this year is a bit different. “Covid 19” and “Social distancing” are running neck-and-neck for the most used new entries into our lexicon and both can make us nostalgic for ones which popped into popular use in recent years… things like “Gangham style.” Even “impeachment” see downright warm and fuzzy by comparison.

So since we’re all quite probably stressed about the virus, about our health and the health of the economy, this May looks a bit darker and drearier. But there’s still lots of good out there, lots to enjoy,so this month I’ll try to put out a few thoughts on things which we can be thankful for, or enjoy even in Pandemic Times. It’s an idea that’s not altogether new to me. In 2015, I put out a book (Thank Goodness – 101 Things To Be Grateful For Today) designed to do the same – make one see the good all around them every day.

So let’s start with a simple one…we can still spend time with our families and the ones we love at home. People are finding ways to have fun with their kids. Some families might even be re-discovering forgotten pleasures like playing board games together or running through their library of favorite old movies. And while many, like me, are missing pro baseball and the kids can’t play organized little league that doesn’t stop everyone from having a little fun on the diamond, like this father and son:

Try to enjoy your day, and if you have little ones, remember any day can be a special one.

7 Replies to “May Hooray 1”

  1. What a video! That little guy socked that ball! Dad was happier than the son…I know how he feels.
    I have to say us 3 here have had a pretty good time but we have been busy. I work, Bailey finishes this semester tomorrow and Jen is working but our downtime has been good. When this started…I thought uh oh…all of this time and we might be arguing over silly things….but we really haven’t.

    Glad you all are doing well Dave.

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    1. Yeah, he had a pretty good swing for such a little guy!
      We’re doing Ok here, my step-mother was in hospital up north for a week with diabetes-related issues which was unnerving with all that’s going on, (obviously visitors were’t allowed; a nurse wheeled her to a window a couple of times so she could see my dad and her daughter through it) but she got home yesterday.
      I think one thing this event is teaching all of us is that we can change and adapt to new situations if required. I’m already pretty used to not going into a store on a whim and wearing a mask, uncomfortable but c’est le vie, when I do need to go in. That (the ability to change) may be the only thing resembling a silver lining to the pandemic.

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      1. I’m glad she is home now. I’m glad I don’t have to go to a doctor right now.
        Yes we are learning how to live different. I would not dream of going into a store without a mask. I have learned to make a list.
        I still cannot believe how many people I see without a mask.

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      2. Dr. Gupta on CNN was showing people how to do that yesterday, make a list, get in and get out fast, don’t touch anything you’re not buying etc. One Japanese mayor got in trouble for suggesting it should be men out shopping because women browse more and spend longer shopping so it made distancing tougher!

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      3. Oh I got a laugh out of the mayor.
        I wear gloves and have something in the car to wash my hands off as soon as I get out.

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      4. I’m washing my hands way more than I ever did before, but I really don’t like the hand sanitizers. but in stores, it’s plastic or rubber gloves, and wash them when i get in, so I figure that does the trick. Also used to shedding all my exterior clothing (jeans, shirt) as soon as I can when in the door and bagging them for washing, when I’ve been in a supermarket or Walmart . Don’t like it, but I do want to be safe.

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      5. I just went into a store and I did the same thing. I don’t get why more people don’t wear at least masks.

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