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Boffo Beer Blog, Week 11 : I Voted For 903’s Brew

What could be more American that having a cold beer while watching a baseball game? Well, of course right now staying at home and not watching baseball – there is none after all – would be, but we can still enjoy the cold beer part. So for the new brew this week, I voted for an odd-sounding Texan beer with a patriotic-looking can. I Voted is an unusual fruity beer offered by the 903 Brewery in Sherman, Texas, a small city near the Oklahoma border. They describe it as “a straight-forward cream ale we’ve added raspberry and blueberry to” , resulting in a “fruity aroma” and “coating feel”.

Somehow, I expected a relatively light beer, but when I popped open the 12-ounce can and poured it, I found a dark, effervescent beer that looked reminiscent of a root beer soft drink, with a little less frothy head. The flavor was fairly strong, and definitely fruity. I could detect a decidedly fruity flavor, although pinning down which fruit was more difficult. Rather than raspberry and blueberry, it seemed almost like grapes and the drink seemed reminiscent of a sparkling red wine.

I’d just had a taco lunch, but actually had this afterwards with a tangelo orange ( a very fine specialty fruit I must say in both taste and ease of peeling!). Drinking it with the orange created a very nice fruit salad sort of effect, although there was still a bit of a bitter aftertaste. I would’ve been curious to taste it with the spicy taco; it seems like it might go fine with anything a wine connoisseur would enjoy a red with. But it seems like a decent choice for a dessert drink. The brewer simply suggest pairing it with “rock, flag and eagle.” They by the way describe it as purple in color.

The website for 903 needs a little work but does tell us a little about themselves. Like some of the other microbrews I’ve highlighted, it seems to be a small business started by a couple, and they have a taproom and restaurant (currently closed due to the virus)which hosts trivia nights and features well-reviewed grilled cheese sandwiches. 903 definitely isn’t the typical lager-lugger brewer. they seem to specialize in odd, unexpected flavors for their roster including a French toast stout, Sasquatch chocolate milk stout and a coconut-pineapple ale.

As for this raspberry-blueberry offering, they suggest “we don’t care if you’re blue or red, or purple like this beer, as long as you make yourself heard.” I vote for following that advice. As for the beer, it might be like a lot of candidates on the ballot – not ideal but better than some alternatives. I give it a 7 out of 10 for strength (the flavor is quite strong; the “kick” is quite average … the website give it a strong 6.5% alcohol rating but the can I had read a more typical 5%) , 6 out of 10 for flavor and all-in-all


Three Uncle Sams out of five.

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